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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 12, 2017 6:00am-7:59am EST

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we are told police and family are concerned of her physical welfare, if you know where she is, call police. it is 6:00 on the dot this is sunday morning, i want to thank you so much waking up with us. we are all going to have an extra cup of coffee though. >> good morning everyone, i am in for angie
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with the little baby. >> love it so much. >> lets check the forecast, before you head out the door for church or brunch today. >> you got the hold on, bundle up. >> lauren, is it quite as cold as yesterday. >> yesterday, we did not make it out in the 30s. so definitely you will need those seat warmers down there today and the heat turned on in the car because it is chilly. yesterday morning but again it is cold anyway you want to cut it. that's the reason we are seeing temperatures not quite as chilly as yesterday. lets take a look at those temperatures, 34 right now. yesterday we started in teens and 20s. we are starting really big in here. now, we do
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possible today. >> did you just kneeled down? >> i did. >> you got to do what you got to do. a co-worker is behind bars after a woman is found dead in ad a dumpster in wheaton. the woman is the same person reported missing earlier this week. darci spencer tells us what police are trying to find out. another co-worker, a cook is charged in her death. mendez's body was found near a restaurant by a dumpster behind university boulevard. she was murdered after a night shift.
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campos martinez says the couple was involved in a relationship and confessed of beating her because she wanted to break it off. she would walk home from work, they got in an argument about ending the relationship. he confessed in punching her three times. the medical examiner says she suffers multiple force trauma. she left work after midnight on monday, her body was not found until friday afternoon in the dumpster area between her home and the kfc. her husband reported her missing on monday morning after she failed to come home from
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four-year-old son. the suspect is being held without bond. in wheaton, darci spencer. >> here is what we know of the time line. investigators say she got into an argument and she toll them she wanted to end the relationship. that's when police say she hid her and her body was left during a dumpster. on friday, her body was friday and yesterday police were able to make an arrest. time right now is 6:04. right now police are looking for a killer. a man was found stabbed along brag lane earlier yesterday morning. we are told the man died at the scene. detectives think he knew his killer and there is no threat to the
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president trump is over seas in asia, vice president mike pence is filling into honor america's veterans. he laid a wreath at the tombs f yesterday. he also helped to clean the memorial on the national mall. president trump is nearing the end of his trip to asia while in vietnam today. the president addressed the meddling of the 2016 election, the president said he believes u.s. intelligence on the matter despite election. kelly o'donell has those comments and
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president is pushing for stronger ties for russia. >> reporter: president trump visits hanoi 50 years after a brutal war. >> we have come a long way of the united states and vietnam. >> reporter: over the kremlin's election that follows president trump here. president putin strongly says he really did not have anything to do with that and i believe he tells me that and he means it. russia carried out cyber and social media attack to influence the election. >> you will hear it is 17 agencies and while it is three. he claims, give me a break, they're political break. putin's news conference
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u.s./russia relationship is still in crisis. president trump painted the conflict in dark terms. when he needs russia's cooperations, specifically citing syria. people will die because of it and it is a pure hit job. now that's kelly o'donell reporting there. tuesday's election sends a strong message to the gop. he's going to be joined by white house director legislative affair mark schultz and amy consum klobachar, "meet
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we're pretty sure no one's everg asked howsaid microwaved. eggs, you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. [ cheers ] screaming for a good reason there and a historic moment on "saturday night live." the first female comedian to host the show, hatis has had a st stellar years. you may remember her from
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"carmichael show." next week chance the rapper is hosting the show and enimen will be another guest. >> yeah, we checked. she's the first. >> yeah, you cannot believe that. >> check it out here. rookie lonzo ball, the youngest player in nba history to record a triple double. lebron held the record. ball was 20 years and 15 days of age. hard enough to score and get a triple double in the nba, that's a big deal. from basketball to football, it is game day in washington. the skins are back home today, they play the vikings. >> fans are hoping for good things after last week's huge win over the sa
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we know a number of players have been sitting on the bench because of injuries, we'll see if they'll be able to get on the field today. >> what's the weather going to be. lets check in with lauren ricket? people have to bundle up out there? >> yeah, people will have to bundle up. lets go ahead and go to our maps right now. we have the veterans race going on downtown dc, we have the woodrow wilson bridge half marathon, that begins at 7:00. it is going to be a nice morning for a run, although a cold morning. temperatures are nigoing to be the 30s. we'll continue to see those temperatures moving into the mid-40s, mid to upper 40s. all right, we got some warming conditions out there today, just a chance of some rain and
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we are warming things up this week. taking a look outside, we have a little bit more clouds out there right now. the next couple things to know, we tied the record yesterday. pockets of freezing rain is p t possible. today for brunches, temperatures are going to be fine. upper 40s for daytime highs today and maybe some late rain tonight and that's where we can see some pockets of freezing rain and just a little bit, not sure if it is hitting the ground. we are stuck in cloud cover, that's one reason why our temperatures are not quite as low. we got a storm system coming our way, we'll bring some rain showers late tonight until early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, we are back at 50 degrees, some showers could linger through mid-morning just to the south and east of dc. so again today we are looking at rain chances later on tonight and tomorrow morning. if you are headed out to
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field, here is your forecast for that. redskins/vikings temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. next chance of rain after tonight will be on thursday. 50 seems warm. >> thank you so much. >> we have got reporters' notebook coming up. we'll be back in 15 minutes with more stories. the democrats send a loud and clear message of where virginia voters are on many of the issues. ed gillespie, headline on the night on many fronts. gillespie's campaign showing up more red meat. were you s
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won. it was the biggest margins ochlt what i was seeing and the polls were all over the map. there were some that had not a double different margin but some point in the closing day, we are still at six points. what i had been seeing all along was the grass roots energy behind the house of delegate races. i felt that was going to fuel turn out for northam. now, the biggest thing we saw obviously, at least one and three voters went to the polls on that rainy day to send a message about their discontent of president trump. a lot of others were there to cast those ballots for house of delegates, many of whom are women and minorities and most first time candidates. that really fuel the fire that gave northam the big
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>> yeah, i spoke with the mayor the day after the election and she said once she was bolstered and everybody or democrats should be by the diversity that she saw and delegates in virginia with women and latinos taking office but then i asked her what it meant for the region, the first thing she pointed to was metro funding. you saw jack evans and dc council passed the tax. she thinks it is much yeez tore to get to the entire region and northern virginia has to go along with it and put in some type of a tax for funding mechanism in metro. >> julie, because ed gillespie did seem to close the gaps in the closing days and weeks, there is still a lot of debate of what he did wrong, whether he got too close to trump's campaign ic
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did not get close enough, what's your take? >> some republicans really continue to debate that. he tried to thread the needle or metaphor you want to use for that. he did not talk about president trump, he never heard him utter the name trump but in the ad campaign, he was trying to appeal to trump voters by going after sanctuary cities and undocumented immigrants ms 13. he used a lot of the trump message but he kept a distance. we saw vice president mike pence campaigned for him. people argued that a lot of those inflammatory trump's tweets in the closing weeks hurt him more. ed gillespie, he had one of the highest vote totals, too. i am not
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numerically that a lot of those trump voters stayed home. the exit polls don't tell us quite as much as that. he vastly out performed mccollough. >> i have to ask you about the women and house of delegates. women made history and we have the first transgender candidate in a u.s. state, state legislature, how did she beat the most conservative in the state oven f virginia. >> not just danny carone, all of them were first time candidates. they were powered by energy that came out of the women's march. there were somda
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danny carone benefited from that and money coming in from around the country. when president trump p made his decision of transgender people in the military. that sparked her campaign. he had a lot of money to work with and dedicated volunteers. she focused on pragmatic issues. she's a single candidate and fix root 28. that resonated with voters in her district when for years the incumbent defeated bob marshal was focus on social conservative issues and anti-abortion number. she really flipped the competition. >> how much does candidate change the power of enrichment?
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majority. there are still races that hangs the balance and we'll see recount after thanksgiving. even if republicans maintain the majority, there is going to be more power sharing and it is definitely going to change the dynamic. we are going from a situation where there is been 17 women in the house of delegates, one below the level of the country, adding 11 women to that. those women, a number of them and they say they plan to change the agenda and the tone. mark, do you see an impact in the election of maryland in 2018? >> absolutely. >> just as what julie was point ing out of ed gillespie, tried distancing himself from trump but still carrying trump's message. larry hogan have done nothing since
6:22 am
trump. it will be harder from hogan's opponents to tie to president trump. hogan has done a great job making himself appeal to the entire state. he has a good approval rating and he's going to be tough to beat. the gillespie results kind of solidify the hogan tactics and separating himself from the president. we'll got to take a break, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben talking about you, ben. i know, zoe. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. in other news this week, wages are going up, requiring a $15 wage. the increases will
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stages depending on how many workers the company has. phase one starts in 2021 for companies for at least 51 work her ers and smaller companies still have time. they're still debating whether this is good for business. >> a montgomery county was divided, it was against the original proposal which was rolled in much faster and a more broadway. this is a compromise that they reached the three tier system that's phased in 2022, putting it on case with the district of columbia, their neighbor who they compete with fearlessly with a lot of economic issues. dc will have $15 an hour sooner. when you look at other jurisdictions ahead of us where they have the $15 minimum wage, it is not
6:25 am
businesses. we know there is a big study conducted where all the businesses where oh, it is shut off now and lay off police. that story was discredited and it became a big problem. so you know we are waiting and see and you look across the river in virginia, are they still at 7 dollars 25 an hour there. people who travels the same road and dmv and people in virginia low income earners making a lot less than montgomery and dc. >> how much support of this? will there be there? >> right. >> that's much tougher road for this movement. i will tell you, i saw dc
6:26 am
metropolitan ari county, a couns council member had a booth campaigning for the minimum wage. dc is actually trying to take this ton road and dc officials have gone to indianapolis to the for the $15 minimum wage statewide in maryland. i think that's a long shot for the state. >> maryland has passed the sick leave bill >> that's right. >> following what the district of columbia did and so again, you are seeing the region competes on these things and this is just an example of that. >> so tell us about the story that you worked on this past week about family's plot to steal a $3 million home. >> so this couple who claimed to be apart of the morris national movement. this is a $3.3 million home up northwestd
6:27 am
creek park. when you see the video of this. the homeowner had surveillance videos in the house and captures all this. the woman comes home and you hear them saying this is our ancestral land, get out. the police were called and they charged them with trespassing. there is these small groups of nationalists who believe and claim under their national sovereign rights. they don't recognize the federal u.s. government and its lost and this happens a couple of years ago and all around the country. what happens oftentimes is they do file paper work. anyone can file a lean against your property and jam you up for at least a little while. while the court will uphold
6:28 am
you will have to go with the expense and hassle of fighting it. it happens here in upper northwest. you know i will say the homeowners, they're fearful that people will come back. the problem is because of the process and they know enough of the process that they can file paper work that can at least jam homeowners up and at least temporary. in the maryland case, a year or two ago, the family was allowed to stay in the house for a short period of time before it was adjudicated and the judge ruled on it. >> all right, another story of one of your favorites the past week involved a 91-year-old woman who's been volunteering at the va. >> mary allen. what a special american. her husband served in the navy and her son. they both passed away and she retired. in 1992, she decided to go down to the va
6:29 am
veterans. she's been doing that for more than 25 years. more than 20,000 hours of volunteers she served up down there. it shines a light on a good story inside the va's hospital, right? and also the need for these, they need strovolunteers and yo don't have to dedicate 20,000 of your life to do it. they're happy if you come in two hours of the week. >> julie, i have to give you the last word. what is life going to be like for ralph northam? >> it is going to be interesting. he's going to be working with bigger delegations in the house of delegates. he's been there for a while so he has relationships and he's not a newcomer. the republicans are going to be compel to work with him and i think you know he believes and other democrats thinkne
6:30 am
elections is voters want a conciliatory tone. they want these people to work together. richmond is a place where things do get done in contrast, unclimbiunlike capitol hill. >> northam has said one of the things he wants to focus on is healthcare which is something that virginia has not done. i think his relationships will serve him well as he tries to push some of these issues forward. >> julie carey, and mark, thank you, guys. >> news reporter's notebook continues. right now, take a good look on your screen here. a missing teen. her name is elizabeth
6:31 am
she was 17-year-old. she was last seen to leave with dinner with friends tonight. president trump on his final stop of his asia trip. trump says he does believe the u.s. intelligence agencies on the top of russia meddling in the 2016 election. building on the momentum of last week's win, the skins are taking on the vikings. news 4 today starts now. it is rise and shine. it is sunday morning, you are starting the morning with us. a lot of us have having a long three day weekend, it is hard to wake up on sunday morning. thank you for joining us. andy
6:32 am
addition at home. >> are you going to baby? >> well, of course, and then you can give it back, right? >> i am adam, we have lauren rickets. it is going to be cold out there. and you better dress in layers. it will wake you up. once we get the cloud cover acts like a blanket so a lot of the heat that we get during the day is not able to lift in the atmosphere. again, as opposed to teens and 20s, we are in the 20s and 30s. sun rise is coming up at 6:48. we'll be warming to the low 40s.
6:33 am
today. we are going to be talking about for some freezing rain tonight. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. thank you very much lauren ricketts. this morning, police are looking at a disturbing post on snap chat aimed at a transgender student. the father of the southern high school student says one picture shows of kkk hood made out of tower. disciplinary are taken. i want you to take a look at the wildfires, the students now have something special of their own. they were given bicycles and helme helmets. the southern marin fire district coordinated this campaign and this morning, it is still asking
6:34 am
to help those young victims there. as many as people head out to church today, there will be more prayers it is been one week g s since the gunman killed 26 people. new insights as the man pulled the trigger. >> reporter: thousands of neighbors from the sutherland springs area gathered to give compassion and raise money to help the victims. >> i want my girls to see what a community looks like this. >> reporter: new details emerged of devin patrick kelley. his first wife said she lives in constant fear of her husband. a traffic ticket sparking a violent respond. >> he had a gun in his holster here and he put that zout put it to my template and he told me,
6:35 am
do you want to die, do you want to die? >> in 2016, kelley was found guilty in beating brenamen and fractured his son's head. >> he would get so upset and just keep saying, i want to kill them. >> reporter: edward before kelley killed the 26 goers here, they maintained as friends on facebook. >> ron allen, nbc news, sutherland springs, texas. time now is 6:35. maritime steps are under way. plus, a closer look at your sunday's forecas
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. welcome back, everyone, 6:39 this morning. president trump is over seas and wrapping up his first official visit to asia. there is more back and forth between him and north korea's leader kim jong-un, some name calling. >> the president also talked about russia on twitter. joining us now, "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, he's here. what kind of break do you give the president that's so far have been okay? >> before the last 24 hours, he sort of avoided these little tweet storms and creating these little mini debates or fire storms or confusions with putin and now kim jong-un. >> the reason i say that with
6:40 am
i think in a couple of month, lets see if the supposed personal relationship of the president and the chinese leader pays dividends of north korea. i think he was interesting. he talked tough on trade which plays to his base, everywhere except in the one place they would like him to be tough in china. he seems to pull back his tough talk in china. i did think that was one risky thing he did politically. allowing, i saw a bunch of democrats from trump's state hitting him on that issue, hey sh you said you are going to be tough on china when you got to him. that's something that impacts his space. >> we got to talk about the russian meddling comment from the president and backtrack
6:41 am
it. >> yeah, obviously, he does this back and forth with the press on air force one and says that he asked putin again if he meddle and if he's aoffended that we keep on asking this. i really believes him and that created an uproar that he believes over our intelligence agency and he does a conference that he's with the agency and he trusted them. to me, he left it unclear. he certainly wants and tired of sanctions. he's making it clear that he does not want to punish the russians anymore. >> roy moore, that's going to be a big topic going on and how that plays out and gop leaders are behind him and splitting with him.
6:42 am
you talk to folks and about the only shot they have. i think mitch mcconnell concluded it is worst for the party for more wins. that's his conclusion. they got to figure out how to get him out of the race. there is one last hope and it is the president, he didn't want to weigh in while he was over seas. lets see what happens when he gets over here. the only shot of getting out of the race was somehow the president sends a message. >> the republican party took a beating this week with the elections going the democrats way, look at the virginia race. >> that's true but wow, they did a lot better than they did a year ago. and, when you look at the complete victory that democrats had down the
6:43 am
virginia. the last two times you had that turnover and when one party had that domination, it for shadow the following year of a big win in the congressional election. history says republicans ought to look at virginia as a big one. >> we'll see how it plays out in mid determine election for sure. >> a reminder, you can see "meet the press" on every sunday, it comes at 10:30 here. thank you, jeff. happening today, at least 40,000 runners are geearing up for the rock and roll marathon. the race comes after a month of the horrific mass skacre out th. vegas police are doing what they can to make sure ey
6:44 am
>> we'll have coverage from our helicopter unit. we always say the disaster starts and ends at the local level. this is an area where we need local workers to be prepared to do the job. >> and race organizers changed the marathon's route to make it more accessible for police. >> the change in race route requires the removal of the memorial of mandalay bay. kristen wright is taking us inside the road of recovery. tina frost survived of what was not certain from the las vegas shooting. tina is walking. she's holding her daughter's hands through days of intense therapy. >> they're not sitting vigil by
6:45 am
they're busy all day long. she has therapists in and out multiple times of the day. family's friend, amy klinger recorded the patient. >> amy shares pictures she took of tina, reading a magazine and tina is also laughing and talking in sentences. the concern is monitoring tina's memo memory of vegas if she has any. we are starting to work with a neural psychologist to make sure as her memory comes back, she's handling whatever information she has in her memory. tina's next challenge is surgery in a week to
6:46 am
re-construct her eye socket. everyday tina walks her unit at hopskin. >> it it is amazing and unbelievable. s. it is amazing and unbelievable. >> incredible story there. lets turn our attention to the weather now. >> person of the day. >> you are. >> i thought i am person of the day. >> you are all special. [ laughter ] >> bring it back. >> you are going to be the person of the day after i leave. >> take it away. >> what's going on with the weather? >> chilly and upper 30s. 39, that was our daytime highs yesterday. >> i broke out the uggs. >> you did? >> i did light a fire yesterday. you may n
6:47 am
40s. yesterday, we made it around 60 degrees. temperatures are going to go up but not to the 60 degrees mark. lets go ahead to our maps and show you what's going on out there. so there is some end to this cold in site. our ample temperatures, 60 degrees for this time of the year. cloudy look right now. that cloud cover has helped keep our temperatures over night of 20s and 30s. we are in the teens and 20s this time yesterday. if you want to head out for a little run, it is going to be a littleton cool side but we'll have a little more cloud cover out there. brunch temperatures, you will be in the 30s. we'll be dry for a good portions today. high 40s. late night rain showers possible. not a lot is happening on the radar right now. we have a possible mix. that's out in virginia.
6:48 am
some of its energy off the coast. let me show you what's happening. this is 6:30. we can have a little bit of clearing as we continue throughout the afternoon. some sunshine as we get into this afternoon. here comes the area of low pressure. this happens quite a bit. it is going to move into west virginia and transfer energy off the coast. we could get a few showers and freezing rain alopgng high 81. there could be a few showers tomorrow morning that lingers south and east of the district. we'll have cloud cover tomorrow with some sun and temperatures around 60s. and then we are near 60 degrees on thursday. that'll be our next chance of rain before friday night and into saturday. >> all right lauryn. >> i don't know if this is good marathon weather. try running
6:49 am
days with prosthetic legs. >> reporter: 31 marathons, from dc to new york and back again. luckily rob jones knows a thing or two about going the distance. >> there is veterans struggling can use this as an inspiration and use my story. >> reporter: he lost both legs in afghanistan. >> super inspirational to be out here with rob. >> it is really moving. >> so moving that many people travel hours just to run with rob. >> rob inspires the country and all of our veterans are running around country. it is awesome. >> i cannot think of a
6:50 am
down here, the place in the country where we honor our veterans the most. after this marathon, what comes next? >> i am going to take a day to be thankful and go through the last month, kind of taking it all in. >> in the district, amy choe, news 4. >> he's raised over $100,000 for charities that helps wounded war yor warriors. >> i am so impressed with his story. >> coming up, your eyes are not deceiving you. the rocker feller center christmas tree. we'll have the time of the grand lighting. >> i don't mind. >> i love it. >> i cannot
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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until you run for president in 2020. [ cheers ] >> well, look, tomorrow on "ellen degeneres show," biden says he has not made up his mind to run. "ellen" airs right here on nbc 4 at 3:00. >> this 75 foot norway spruce is going to be decked out for the holiday. >> this year, rocker feller christmas tree rolled into new york city yesterday morning. it came from college, pennsylvania. >> workers had to set that big thing up which caused quite a few
6:55 am
>> yeah, it is amazing. to see it stand up and kind of surreal moment. >> i think it is great. it starts off the christmas season and everybody loves a christmas tree and everybody comes around and hopefully make a lot of people smile. >> yes, he's the head guarder? >> well, you need one with that thing. the tree is lit on november 29th and it will stay on display until january 7th. after that, it will be donated to habitat humanity. >> it is a matter of time. the rocker feller center. it is the neighbor that does not take down their christmas tree. you don't have to wait for rocker feller, you can see the christmas event there, holiday event gets under way at noon there and run until 8:00 and t
6:56 am
6:30 followed by fire works. two weeks ago, it was halloween, i am not going to do it again. i did it yesterday. you know how i feel about it. >> we all do, thanksgiving first. >> it feels like the holidays are coming and no doubt, winter is on its way. winter is coming. >> you are putting a spin on this. >> i am. >> speaking of trees, what would you be doing in your yard and garden right now before it gets really cold. >> storm team 4 talks to an expert for you. >> so we in in the colder months, what should we do right now? >> first of all, you should get rid of the leaves in your yard. you probly
6:57 am
leaves out of this, too? >> any disease that this have a little bit of powder due on it. it stays on the foliage and it will be back there in the spring if you don't get it out now. if you are trying to add color to your containers or yard, pretty much of what your choices are, you will get a much better selection from the panties. they'll last longer. all the gardeners are looking forward to warmer months of spring. lets talk about spring. >> if you are looking for spring flowers, noup is tw is the time your bulbs on the ground. typically people think about this way too late.
6:58 am
>> so plant now and enjoy later? >> absolutely. >> we dpot sogot some work to d. get them out or the grass turns brown. >> somebody need to do that. >> much more ahead on news 4 today. we'll look at your forecast with
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
>> heading into the 7:00 hour on news 4 today. we start with breaking news, take a good look of your screen here. this is a montgomery police of a missing teen, her name is elizabeth aniyah, she's 17-year-old. last seen leaving dinner with friends last night. police and family are concerned for her emotional and physical welfare. if you know where she is, do call police. we'll start with that and welcome you in on this sunday morning, thank you very much for starting your day with us. i am adam tuss. >> i am molette green. it is 7:01 this morning and it is what? 35 degrees this morning? >> lauryn ricketts has our latest weather on the cold weather out there. >> oh yeah, it is cold out there indeed. temperatures are warmer than
7:02 am
it out in the 40s. average temperatures is 60 degrees. and that's why those temperatures are not quite as low as they were this time yesterday. yesterday, we had the clear skies to so those temperatures were able to drop. today we stop in the 20s and 30s. thank goodness, we are not adding to the windchills. we are warming through the afternoon and again, mid to upp upper 40s for daytime highs. we could have some rain moving in later on tonight and maybe some pockets of freezing rain. we'll talk about that timing, i will let you know what to expect for your morning commute coming you. >> thank you very much. a co-worker is behind bar after a woman is found dead in ad a dumpster in wheaton. we know that woman is the same person reported missing earlier
7:03 am
darci spencer tells us what police are trying to figure out. >> reporter: kfc's in wheaten closed early. it was too upsetting for employees to stay on the job. one of their co-workers, 21 earlier was murdered and a cook is charged in her death. dania mendez's body was found off of university boulevard, she was murdered after working a night shift. campos martinez is charged with second degree murder. according to investigators, the couple was involved in a relationship and confess of beating her because she wants to break it off. >> compoampos martinez waited f her leaving the kfc. she hit her head and appears
7:04 am
the medical examiner says she offers multiple blunt force tra maw and nn6asphyxiations. he left work just after mid night on monday. her body was not found until friday afternoon in the dumpster area between her home and kfc. her husband reported her missing monday morning after she failed to come home from work. >> reporter: the victim was from el salvador. her family says she's a mom of a four-year-old son. the entire family is in mourning. darci spencer, in wheaten, news 4 today. >> here is where we know of the time line. at 4:30 in the morning, mendez left her job. she told him she wanted to end their relation.
7:05 am
her and her body left near adam sister. later that morning, her husband called police to say she did not come home. on friday, her body was found yesterday and police were able to make an arrest. 7:05. police are looking for a killer. a man in his mid-20s was found stabbed. we are told the man died at the scene there and detectives think he knew his killer and there is no threat to the public. >> freeze. president trump is over seas in asia so vice president mike pence filled into honor american veterans. he laid a wreath yesterday and hundreds gathered at arlington national cemetery, before his visit, he
7:06 am
memorial on the national mall. president trump is nearing the end of that asia trip. in vietnam, the president addressed russia and its meddling in the 2016 election. the clearest term to date, the president says believes the u.s. agency on the matter. he dashed intelligence officials in charge of obama administration, kelly o'donell has those complaints and explain why trump is pushing for stronger ties. >> reporter: president trump's visit to hanoi. 50 years until the pbrutal war. but it is the unresulted conflict of russia that followed president trump here. sparked of his conversation with vladimir putin at the summit. vladimir putin says he had n
7:07 am
i really believe that when he tells me that, he means it. speaking to reporters on air force one, the president appears to take putin's word over u.s. intelligence assessment, including his own cia director that russia carried out cyber and social media attack to influence the election. he ridicules former head of the fbi and national intelligence, claiming, dpgive me a break. they're political hack. the u.s. relationship with russia is still in crisis. >> when he needs russia's cooperati cooperation specifically citing syria. the president says, people will die because of it and it is a pure hit job. >> kelly o'donell's reporting
7:08 am
there. tuesday's election sends a strong message to the gop. tuck to chuck todd is going to join us later, he's going to be joined by amy klobachar and pat toomey. it starts right here on nbc 4. it is another cold one, and not as cold as yesterday. lauryn is going to tell us how far is temperatures going up. >> move over lebron, lonzo ball passes king james for an nba record, find out which one when news 4 continues.
7:09 am
7:10 am
as a head coach, you wake up in the me
7:11 am
thinking, who am i going to drill a player for at a particular time and or you know, what player am i going to run? >> nbc gray, nba gray, patrick knows a lot when he makes his coaching debut today, he's going to service the head coach of the men's basketball team. his team's first game is at noon against jacksonville. >> all right, we want you to check this out. lonzo ball is now the youngest player in nba history to ever record a triple double to start point guard. 19 points and 13 assists. saturday night lebron james held that previous record. you know that? >> yes. >> lebron set the mark at 20-year-old and 20 days o f age. ball was 20 years and 15 days of age
7:12 am
>> still a big accomplishment. it is game day here in dc. the redskins are back today. they'll play the vikings at fedex field this afternoon at 1:00. >> it is the truth. and fans are still hoping and we are still high off that win last week. >> yeah. >> we hope thag we can do it again. a number of players still sitting on the bench because of those injuries. we are going to see if all goes well today when that game starts at fedex field. >> it is going to be cold out there. >> football fans love it, though. >> tailgating and all that. >> take a look right here, you can see it is 35 degrees as we get our sun. we'll check in with lauryn ricketts in a minute. >> it is a pretty pick which are. looks like a nice forecast.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
i am melissa with a look of our traffic and the rails on the yellow and green line metro. trains will run every 15 minutes here. taking a look at the red line, trains operating every eight to 15 minutes here. silver line, regular weekend services east and west and new carrolton and on the
7:16 am
regular. i will see you monday morning for news 4 today. we got redskins verses vikings. big redskins fan right here. temperatures will be in the 40s, perfect football weather. rain is on the way. we could get some frozen kind a a little freezing rain possible. we are going to talk about it and let you know may get that. coming up in three minutes. >> what did she say? >> oh no. this is pretty scary, it is supposed to be a fun kid night out. this was a scene in california, sacramento, last night parents rushed tointo the scene of a collapsed
7:17 am
way when those kids lined up at the same time, they were lining up for pizzas, 21 children and two adults suffer minor to moderate injuries there. >> that's scary. >> growing tensions of north korea. grhad many wondering what that'll mean. >> south korea believes it is unpredictable and neighbors will have little impact in the game. >> looking out of the observatory. you are getting a vehicle view of south korea. what you cannot see is 100 troops guarding the dangerous border. this is the dmz. just a reminder of the terrible war that tore apart families
7:18 am
american lives. it was established in 1953 in the agreement that ended the korean war. >> the dnc is 160 miles long and while the actual zone is demillidemill demiletarize. when you see the line here, that's the line for south korea. the public can only visit the dmz with a tour group that must be booked in advance. >> because of the weather, we only have 100 days of having a clear vision over there. >> reporter: he talks about the mountain of
7:19 am
>> this is apart of the 12,000 beach of gighan river. >> you see the five islands. he does not talk about the meaning behind the names. >> he did not mention of weapons. politics is an attraction here >> during our visit, the intro leader of a center party came to tour t tour the dnc. >> people north korea often forgotten. >> we are so close to us and you are not able to see the olympic games. tourisms and leaders around the world
7:20 am
to the wired implications. >> secretary of defense james mattis visited the dmz at the ene end of of courctober. >> our goal is not war but rather the complete verifiable and ir reversible of the peninsula. part of our sanctions is to promote unit through sports and at a place called you know occasion observatory, at the dmz, there is hope. hope that the world will see beyond these borders to the potential or peace. >> pyongyang. news 4. i cannot believe of the winter olympic. >> we areless than
7:21 am
away. >> rio was a little ways back. we moved on a couple of years since then. >> we got to talk about the freezing rain. i don't like stuff like that. >> you said it. it is going to be mainly along 91 if we'll see anything. light chances of some rain tonight. we got an area of low pressure and transfer some of its energy off the coast. we are stuck in freen between so we can see a few showers here. that's where we could see some pockets of freezing rain. i will throw that out there right now. i also want to throw the cloud cover, that has helped keeping our temperatures in the 20s and 30s as opposed to yesterday as we were in the teens and 20s. a little bit on the warmer side out there today especially as you wake up. still going to be chilly and
7:22 am
we are not quite as bitterly cold as yesterday. we'll head into the upper 40s. >> we'll be dry today and a little bit more sunshine as we get into the afternoon. we could have some rain later on tonight. if you are headed out for the redskins game and hang out longer in the redskins game in the parking lot, you will be fine. late tonight, that's where we could see some rain showers. we'll be picking up a little bit of precipitation. low pressure is climbing outs and headed this way. that's going to spring us some of that rain but not until later. >> yard work, a lot of people right la getting it done yesterday. so a lot of people are joining the yard work is warmer than yes
7:23 am
slight chance of rain. what's going to happen and this tends to happen. it is going transfer all the energy off the coast and we are stuck between the wedge here. a slight chance of rain showers and some of those rain showers will hold on east of e-95 and south and east as we go through tomorrow morning. over night tonight, we could have pockets of freezing rain. temperatures in the upper 40s as you go through tomorrow. we'll warm up from there, too. tuesday an
7:24 am
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[ cheers ] historic moment on "saturday night live." tiffany haddish there hosting the show, haddish has had a stellar year everybody. co-starring in the summer's smash "girls trip" and you may also remember her on "carmichael show." next week chance the rapper is hosting the show and emimnen is going to be the guestguests. he just ded
7:27 am
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7:30 am
time right now is 7:29 right now. this is a photo of a miami police of a missing teenager,ly beth anaya. she was last seen leaving dinner with friends last night. call police if you know where she baby maybe. president trump is ending is trip in asia. >> game day, hoping to build on the momentum of last week's win against the seahawks. the skins are hoping to get a win here at home against the vikings. they play at 1:00 this afternoon at fedex field. good sunday morning, thanks so much for tuning in with us. i am molette green in for angie who's hat home with the new addition of the family this morning. it is 7:30. we got to check in on the forecast.
7:31 am
35 degrees, lauryn? >> what's going on? >> it is not quite as chilly. yesterday we were in the teens and 20s and today in the 20s and 30s. mainly because of the cloud cover. >> today, a lot of clouds and especially on the east side. that's what we looking at here. temperatures 35 here in dc and you step outside of the belt way, we got temperature in the 20s and calm winds that cease and desist the na-- that's the f the game. we were in the upper 30s yesterday. >> temperatures begin to rise all the way through this week. we had some rain in the forecast and some pockets of freezing rain before we start the warm up. we'll show you on our ten days forecast and timing out the rain on your monday commute coming up in a few minutes. larry hogan weighing in on roy moore, hogan is calling on
7:32 am
moore to step aside, saying he's unfit for office. the governor made a strong comment on twitter yesterday. moore called the allegations completely false and vowed to stay in the race. gabe gutierrez takes us to the first public appearance since the controversy broke. >> reporter: roy moore did not answer questions from reporters. the event near willing ham. >> they are desperate. this article is of fake news. the report alleges moore fondled
7:33 am
>> to think grown women would wait 40 years to come before right before an election and bringing charnges is unbelievable. >> two republicans have pulled their endorsements. >> roy moore's ndominatio nomin bit too far. >> it may very well determines the future of our country. >> in a radio interview on friday, moore says he does not remember his main accusers. he did not rule out dating other older teenagers at the time. >> i don't remember ever dating any girl without the permission of their mother. >> he's now urging supporters to fight back against the forces of evil. >> in the
7:34 am
will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. >> moore's critics wants him to drop out now. >> it is mind blowing to to me. he should not be a candidate or in public. >> here in alabama,many voters are sticking by him. >> gabe gutierrez is reporting there. police are looking at disturbing posts on snap chat. arundel county police are looking at messages posted under the topic "lives matter." >> the school's principle says disciplinary is going to be taken here. >> well, we got something that'll warm your hearts here. >> take a look. kids who lost everything
7:35 am
out there, they now have something special, that he were given bicycles and helmets on saturday. the fire district coordinated this campaign and this morning t they are still asking for donations so they can help the young victims. as many people head out to church today, there will be more prayers set for those victims from the texas shooting. it is been one week since the gunman killed 26 people. >> ron allen shares new incites. >> reporter: thousands of neighbors from the sutherland springs area raising money to help the victims' family. >> i want my girl to have what's coming together. new
7:36 am
devin kelley. >> his first wife says she lives in con standpoint fear. >> he had a gun in his holster right here and he took that gun out and he put it against my template and he told me, do you want to die, do you want to die? >> 2012, kelley was found guilty of fracturing his son's head and beaten his ex whi-wife. >> he confirmed to nbc news today that discipline from security officers would set him off. he would get so upset and keep on saying, i want to kill them. >> reporter: they maintain a facebook friendship. messages are becoming so dark and she had to unfriend him but enough in telling him if
7:37 am
feels -- ron allen, nbc news. sutherland springs, texas. a warning for netflix users, we'll tell you what you need to look for in the next e-mail >> you maybe able to leave one of those layers at home before you head out. an hour by
7:38 am
7:39 am
welcome back, if you subscribe to netflix, be ware of suspicious e-mail. >> yes, we report on a fishing scam that could target customers. >> it is a scam targeting 110 million netflix customers who don't want to lose access to thoo
7:40 am
we were unable to validate your billing information, simply click and update the information. >> they opened up 45 bank accounts on my name. >> netflix says it may e-mail you account information with a link to the website but be cautious of fake e-mails that may link to fishing website. >> the world is under constant cyber attack and fishy e-mails have far more fist kasophistica so called e-mails i have seen. it is impossible to tell which one is the good one and which one mattis bad one. >> they gotten better. >> netflix suggesting helping to
7:41 am
see if the -- never click on the link of the e-mail and providing information that you will not giver to somebody on the streets. tom costello, nbc news, washington. haltom cia closer look at y sunday's forecast when news 4 today continues. >> and marathon is under way in las vegas. >> we are showing you how ofcials arefi
7:42 am
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7:44 am
if you are dpgetting out th morning, temperatures are not quite as chilly this morning. daytime highs today of 40s. yesterday we were only in the upper 30s. we have some rain on the way as well. we'll be talking about that. who could see some rain, we'll talk about a warm up, i think everyone wants that so far. we'll talk about that on our ten days forecast in a couple of minutes. lauryn. disney lan is dealing with an outbreak of disease. fine people visited the park got sick. >> region air is spread by myth from contaminated water and severe
7:45 am
>> the team park is disinfecting two cooling towers point. >> happening today, 40,000 runners gearing up for the marathon in las vegas. >> the race comes after a month after the horrific mass skacre sutherland springs. >> officials are doing what they can to make sure everyone stays safe today. >> we always say to the pastor starts and end at the local evolve and this is an area where we need local workers to be prepared to, to do the job. >> organizers changed the root to make it acceptable for the police. >> well, the change in the race requires the removal of a memorial las vegas mass shooting victims near mandalay bay. a woman who survived that tragedy makes an unpolice chiefable
7:46 am
process. >> tina frost, five weeks after she was shot in the head and survivor was not certain. her physical therapists and her mother by her side, she's holding your daughter's hand through days of intense therapy. >> they're not sitting individual, they are active and busy all day long. >> family and friends went to see tina and recorded the vi yoe video. >> just so see her come this far in such a short amount of time is amazing. >> tina's also laughing and talking in sentences. >> a concern ieright now is mon tina's memory in vegas
7:47 am
has any. we'll start to work with a neural psychologist to make sure as her memory is coming back, she's handling whatever information she has in her memory. >> tina's next challenge is surgery in a week to reconstruct part of her for head and eye sock socket. her progress is remarkable. every day, tina walks her unit at hopskins. it is really amazing and unbelieverable. >> they air plarayers answered. >> we are all rooting for this woman. 35 degrees, 7:47. that's warmer than yesterday. >> yeah. >> it is still cold. >> cloudy. >> football weather though. >> yeah, it is football weather. people are going to be a little cold heading out fed next today.
7:48 am
>> lets keep rolling there. we take over the vikings. temperatures are in the mid-40s. we'll have a few streaks of sunshine later on this afternoon and a lot more than what we are seeing right now. intangible asset least we'll not be dry. we are not dealing the sleep and winds. again, cloudy and a cool day, we are warmer today, upper 30s today and upper 40s today. there is a light chance of late night showers. there is a few pockets of freezing rain. >> all right, current temperatures right now as adam said, we are starting off a little warmer, 20s and 30s and we'll go through the afternoon and when the sun comes down, that's case all the way to january. drive out there and a chance of some late night rain showers. i don't think it is hitting the ground. quen
7:49 am
so really we are just going to be stuck with the cloud coverage today with a few peeks of sunshine through the early afternoon. here comes the areal of low pressure. here it comes, flipping into west virginia. what happens for this time of the year? it is transferring its energy off the coast. we are wedged between here. the best chance is i-81 and areas to the west. i do believe we can have some showers here. we'll transfer energy to low off the coast. i am going to keep a chance for some showers through about mid-morning tomorrow just because it gets too close to comfort and we'll have some rain and clearing as we go through your monday. this will be the area that we could see some freezing rain as we get into the over night. temperatures are in
7:50 am
mid-30s. some pockets of freezing rain mainly along i-81. temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll have the morning chance as well. we'll start to warm up tuesday and wednesday try and just a few showers on thursday and another chance for friday night and through the day on saturday of rain. guys. we have ignition. >> it is a beautiful scene. you are taking a look at the orbital atk is lifting up in virginia. >> that rocket is on a two-day journey. it carries fruits and vegetables and supplies for experiments. >> i still not sure how that happened? >> how do you not know a rocket is being launched? >> taking a look here
7:51 am
are not deceiving you. it is not a rocket. it is a christmas tree. >> yeah. >> christmas tree, government 13th. thank you, i appreciate the sleigh bells. >> we have the timing on the grand lighting ceremony at rocker feller center for that christmas tree when news 4 today continues. a big rig that may shock you. the finance committee starts to debate on the tax reform bill this monday. the senate bill detectiifferers the house portion. >> tesla expands into the truck building business, ceo, elon must k -- watch for whether the truck are
7:52 am
driving. walmart and target have a big week for retails. and finally, the last leonardo da vinci painting, the portrait isxpected to sell for more than $100 million. >> for decades the painting was thought thought it was a copy. it was sold in 1958 and was not authenticated as a true
7:53 am
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i wish we had a couple of music here. >> just a couple of weeks, this 75 tree will be decked out. >> adam, it came fro from pennsylvania. >> i know where it came from. >> yeah, i know all about this tree. >> i know all about this tree. caused a lot of smiles out there. the tree will be lit november 29th. stay on display until january 7th. after that, it will be donated for habitat humanity. >> leave it up all year round and decorate it and leave it. >> how are you really feeling?
7:56 am
>> you don't have to wait for the rocket feller christmas lighting. you can see the tree at the national harbor today. >> you can do that. >> a day of fun. >> christmas events. >> it is christmas, november 13th. including a show that's not this christmas. "holiday event" gets under way there at 2:00 and followed by fire works. >> i am not trying to be a grinch. >> it is. >> eller and campos and martinez. >> he punched the woman repeatedly and hit her head on the ground. her body was found in wheaton. we'll sepd ond out push alerts. >> for summer talk,
7:57 am
trump's donald trump's final stop of his five day trip in lsy veg vegas. >> if you are headed to the redskins' game at fedex field today, you will have to bundle un. >> nbc washington app after the game for all of the highlights. >> all right. >> so excited. >> yeah. >> definitely, want some warmer gear. >> temperatures the a
7:58 am
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8:00 am
so much tragedy and so much love. >> do not under estimate. >> we're never going to file sexual harassment discussing it with the media. >> are you ready for it? goo morning and welcome to "sunday today" on november 12th. president trump is in the philippines this morning as he winds down a nearly two week trip to asia. a busy day already for the president as he now says he believes russia medaled in last year's presidential election. this just hours after he called the former head of cia, fbi, national intelligence, quote, hacked.


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